Isolation Transformer
Single Phase Isolation Transformer for
Health Care & Single / Three phase heavy
Isolation Transformer for Health Care
& Isolation Transformer for I.T.

  • Single phase health care transformers upto 10KVA for IPS/ IPP/ IPB/SCP/SFC/Bed Head Unit.
  • Single / Three phase heavy isolation transformers upto 25KVA for surgical laser, X-Ray etc.
  • Voltage 120/208/240/277/400/480Volts, 50/60Hz .
  • For I.T. / Computer system power supply independent neutral and shielded secondary winding for high power quality.


AEI manufacture single and three phase Isolation transformers with grounded electrostatic shield for health care isolated ungrounded electrical power supply systems. For I.T. / computer systems AEI also manufacture electrostatic shielded isolation Transformers to provide independent neutral.

These dry type isolation transformers are manufactured as per the requirement of NFPA99. The transformer core is made of high quality grain oriented silicon steel. Winding is made of high purity copper for high efficiency and all insulation materials and components are selected for maximum temperature rise as per UL1047.

The transformer is designed for high ambient temperature up to 55 C using vacuum impregnation technology to insure low leakage current and durable operation,  grounded electrostatic shield is provide between primary & secondary winding as per NFPA99