Harmonic Mitigation Transformer
Data integrity is the most important issue of Data centers with massive networking. electromagnetic interference (EMI), harmonics and high neutral to ground voltages degrades data network reliability. Further Harmonic currents, generated by non-linear electronic loads, produce ‚penalty losses™ reduce system efficiency, cause apparatus overheating, and increase power and air conditioning costs, Harmonic currents effectively de-rate existing systems and, when accommodated, add substantially to the capital cost of new distribution systems. Treatment by APT (Advance Power Treatment unit for Data centers) is the most viable solution. APT-1 is offered in 0 and 30 phase shift models to provide up stream cancellation of 5th, 7th, 17th and 19th harmonic currents on the primary side where as APT-1 secondary winding  configuration canceled the zero sequence fluxes (produced by triplen currents) without coupling them to primary winding.
  • Help to meet IEEE Standard 519-1992 maximum limit
  • Eliminates data network communication problems that are caused by high neutral-to-ground voltages in four wire systems
  • . Assure power system compatibility with non linear SERVER and UPS load.
  • Reduce power loss due to harmonics current.
  • Isolation between primary and secondary.
  • Shielding between primary and secondary reducing EMI.
  • Created neutral close to load improves power quality.
  • Reduce up stream harmonic current.
  • Improve power factor.
  • Reduce current distortion at UPS, generation and utility.
  • Reduce voltage distortion caused by harmonic currents
  • Reduce malfunction of backup power system.

  • Data Centre
  • Financial Institution
  • Down Stream of UPS & Diesel Generator
  • Broad casting and telecommunication site
  • Software Houses
  • Call Centre.