Diesel & Petrol Dispenser


  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Bold LCD Digital 50mm Display with Ultra Bright Back light
  • Easy Operation & Maintenance
  • Sales Update on your GSM Handset
  • Reconnectable Breakaway OPW (Optional) Made in USA

Model Name & Type AFD  110 (Single Hose)
AFD  210 (Dual Hose)
Delivery Speed Suction Models:  Standard speed (Gasoline/Diesel ): 40 liter/min
*Note: simultaneous fueling 30 or 35L/min. at standard speed
Measuring Accuracy 0.25%
Suction Pumping Unit Internal silent gear pump separator, by-pass valve, and suction strainer and check valve
Motor Explosion-proof, continuous duty, Single phase motor with over-load protection 220V 10%
1) Type LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
2) Character Color field with bright LED back light
3) Display Liter & Amount - 6 digits H : 50mm, W : 19mm, Unit Price - 4 digits H :18mm, W : 10m
4) Unit Price Setting Remote Control
5) Electronic Totalize 4 + 6  digits, Available
6) Other Functions Over voltage protector / Auto Date save
Preset Counter display use for confirming the preset data Function: Presentable for amount and volume (Both option available)
Electro Mechanical Totalizer Available.
Reset Device Manual reset in nozzle holster
Nozzle 0011-ALI (OPW)
Swivel OPW 45
Hose Black color, 3/4fl x 15FT, Oil resistant type
Safety Breakaway Coupling Reconnectable type (OPW) Optional
Safety Emergency Stop Button