Operating Theatre Control Panel
Surgeon Control Panel (SCP) and
Surgical Facility Center (SFC) for Operating Theater
Surgeon Control Panel (SCP) and Surgical Facility Center (SFC)  have integrated Isolated Power System (IPS) to provide isolated ungrounded electrical power to all equipments in operating theatre. The isolated power systems remain in operation in the event of a single line to ground fault with activation of system alarm. These systems also eliminate the danger of an electric shock to patient and medical personals.
  • Line Isolation Monitoring.
  • Input Voltage 120/208/240/277/400/480Volts. 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage 120/208 or 120/240Volts.
  • Power 2.5/3/5/7.5/10KVA.
  • Single or Multiple X-Ray viewers.
  • Time of Day / Time Elapsed Clocks.
  • Output Breakers: 20A x (2 to 6) GE/Legrand/ABB.
  • Ground Jacks ( 2 to 6).
  • Power receptacles (2 to 6).
  • Ground Bus.
  • Temperature / Humidity Control. (optional)
  • Ventilation Control. (optional)
  • Medical Gas Alarms. (optional)
  • Theatre Controls & Warnings. (optional)
  • RLIM (Optional)
Power & Earthing Module. (quantity according to need)


Surgeon Control Panel and Surgical Facility Center are custom designed and assembled according to components / features needed by hospital operating theatres.

Power ratings are available from 2.5KVA to 10KVA for single phase critical loads. Common voltages are 120/208 volts or 120/240 volts. Large rating single phase and three phase systems are also available to up to 25KVA for heavy loads such as surgical laser, X-Ray, laminar air flow system etc.

These systems use state of the art line isolation monitor from Bender USA or equivalent and dry type isolation transformer with grounded electrostatic shield between primary and secondary as per NFPA99. Other parameters such as sound level, maximum temperature rise of materials and components leakage current between winding and ground are as per NEMA and UL1047 standards respectively.